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High Quality Product

At the forefront of pioneering medical cannabis advancements, we are dedicated to crafting exceptional healthcare solutions for patients in the United Kingdom and Australia. Our unwavering commitment to product excellence has positioned us as a trusted name in both the UK and Australian medical cannabis industries.


Noidecs is a leading innovator in the field of medical cannabis, dedicated to creating exceptional healthcare solutions for patients in the United Kingdom.

Our unwavering commitment to product excellence has established us as a trusted name in the realm of UK medical cannabis, putting us at the forefront of pioneering advancements in this field.

Wild Flower

Our Wild Flower indoor-grown cannabis products are crafted by expert Canadian craft growers to deliver a premium quality range for discerning patients.

Wild Flower has quickly established itself as a very well-respected brand amongst Australian patients, thanks to its commitment to quality and innovation amongst the market.


Aelleve dried cannabis flower is greenhouse-grown under the Canadian sun, carefully hang-dried, cured, and hand-finished to produce a quality range at affordable price points.

Aelleve makes high-quality medical cannabis accessible for all patients, and its life-changing effects and appeal in taste and smell are consistently praised by patients, making it a strong option for prescribing doctors.

About us

Lyphe Group

Lyphe Group is a patient-centred medicinal cannabis access company, dedicated to bringing medical cannabis treatments to patients with unmet clinical needs.

At Lyphe Group we believe all patients with unmet clinical needs should be able to access medicinal cannabis. Lead by the experts, guided by science and dedicated to improving people’s lives, The Lyphe Group is trusted by regulators, Governments, the public and our partners to open up access to medical cannabis for patients across the world.

Premium GMP Medicinal Cannabis Brands
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