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Educating Cannabis Doctors

Advanced medical cannabis training online.



The Academy of Medical Cannabis is designed to provide a leading point of access to clinical education and patient information around medical cannabis, online. Formed in response to the change in legislation in 2018 to allow for medical cannabis prescribing in the UK, TAOMC seeks to address a broad shortfall in clinical proficiency with this emerging area of medicine, in addition to helping the public at large gain an accurate understanding of the benefits and risks of medical cannabis use.


  • Open source access for both clinical learning and patient information
  • Gamified learning, bite size and manageable
  • Clinical learning is CPD approved
  • Supported entirely by high quality clinical research
  • Features an evidence base database of high quality studies
  • Regularly updated to account for the increasing volume of medical cannabis study

You will learn.

More than 40 hours of the very best cannabis education, all online. Here is a taster of what you can learn.

01 /

The history of medicinal cannabis and its prohibition

02 /

A full study of phytocannabinoid biochemistry

03 /

Comprehensive analysis of the endocannabinoid system

04 /

Detailed medical use examples and advisable administration

05 /

Long and short term side effects

06 /

Proper accounting of known drug interactions

07 /

Operational guidelines for dosing and prescribing

08 /

Advanced specialism focus, from chronic pain management to complex care

09 /

Regulatory frameworks for prescribing in all operating countries

Telehealth Cannabis Care

Clinical services carried out via video consultations.

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Cannabis Prescription Dispensing

Order, track and manage your medical prescriptions.

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