16 June 2021
By Jonathan Nadler

Lyphe Group supports MedCann ID to protect patients from unfair harassment

DG, Lyphe Group

It’s no secret that medical cannabis is starting to find its stride in the UK. Certified clinic operations are expanding, patient numbers are increasing and prescriptions are being rolled out in a safe and effective manner. In a recent survey, 77% of patients under our care reported improvements to their quality of life across the spectrum of treatable conditions.

There are now more than 4,000 medical cannabis patients in the UK, so the trend is only growing. However, there are still areas where policies need deeper consideration – specifically at local levels of governance, in councils, police departments and workplaces.

At LYPHE Group we recognise that medical cannabis patients can sometimes experience unfair treatment or harassment by certain authorities, who are unaware that the medication has been legally prescribed.

One of the main areas of concern for the safety of medical cannabis patients is in the need for educating local police forces. This is in order to adjust areas of misconception and ensure that legal patients aren’t being harassed, or receiving unfair treatment when carrying their medication on them.

To address this, we’re pleased to announce that we’re teaming up with MedCannID who offer an ID card that confirms the validity of a patient’s prescription.

Recognised patient identification and legal support

MedCannID is the only legally prescribed medical cannabis patient authenticity system. They offer simple and effective identification for medical cannabis patients by means of a unique photo ID card and an accompanying mobile app, which confirms your legal patient status and certifies that you use cannabis on prescription for medical purposes.

There have already been a few completely avoidable incidents in which medical cannabis patients have been inappropriately put under pressure, both in cases of law enforcement overreach and in discrimination in the contexts of employment and housing. In every case, significant errors were made on the part of respective authorities, and this is something the MedCannID is working towards providing clarification on to avoid these circumstances repeating themselves.

Through our collaboration, we’re working on making it as simple as possible to get patients setup with MedCannID.

Prescriptions and further information for patients

Dispensary Green, a LYPHE Group company, will be ready to provide all of the necessary information required as soon as patients request for it to be sent post dispensing.

Currently, some local authorities across the UK are already briefed and recognising the MedCannID, with work being done to get more authorities on board as it continues to develop. Patients deserve and need to undertake their treatments completely free of concern of harassment. With close cooperation and a constructive approach, we’re sure that the work of MedCannID is definitely a step in the right direction for a workable and sustainable environment for patients and authorities.