3 December 2021
By Max Holloway

LYPHE Group opens registration to Patient Representative Board

Lyphe Group

The newly created Patient Representative Board will focus on patient concerns and industry issues, and will be formed of independent patients from across the UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man, as well as representatives from patient groups and charities.

Since the rescheduling of medical cannabis in November 2018, LYPHE has been leading the way in patient access, with the large majority of patients using its clinical services and dispensary to obtain medication.

The teething pain and successes of the global medical cannabis industry have been well documented by commentators and patients alike.

LYPHE has created the Patient Representative Board to ensure patient voices are heard. Meetings will be held monthly, and feedback from the sessions will be used to further explore how to improve the patient experience.

By working together, LYPHE hopes to bring about changes that will benefit the wider patient community, as well as shape the organisation’s future direction.

Discussing the initiative, LYPHE Group Managing Director Jonathan Nadler, says “I’m delighted LYPHE is taking the initiative in working closely with patients. We want to build a stronger, more sustainable industry whilst continuing our journey for full patient access.

The issues that impact our business, and the medical cannabis industry, ultimately impact our patients, which is why improving transparency with patient groups is vital.”

Applicants or patient groups can register their interest by registering their details below and include reasons why they would like to join the Board. 

Membership will be limited to a total of 12 representatives in addition to the 2 Chairs.

Patient Representative Board - application

Please tell us a bit more about yourself, the group you represent and why you would like to join the Patient Representative Board