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25 August 2022

Lyphe Group goes down under: UK’s leading medical cannabis clinic expands to other side of the world

25 August 2022

Lyphe Group, the UK’s leading medical cannabis clinic, has opened its doors in Australia.
The clinic officially opened to the public earlier this month, with a team of experienced medical cannabis professionals at the helm. Already, with just word of mouth and a loyal patient base following the clinic team and doctors, it has over 500 patients. Medical cannabis was legalised by the Australian Government in 2016, with the country’s Therapeutic Goods Administration regulating its use. Over 100 different medicinal cannabis products are currently available in Australia via prescriptions from a doctor or specialist. 

Patients are seen virtually via Telehealth, allowing for informative and affordable consultations in the comfort of their own home. It also means patients, who are often suffering from chronic illnesses, can be seen from across the country. Using a fully telehealth model means that patients can be seen across the whole country, meaning patients in more rural regions will not miss out. The team also plans to partner with pharmacies in the cannabis field to make sure patients can seamlessly and effectively access their medication, at an affordable cost. 

The team at Lyphe Clinic is made up of medical cannabis experts who have been in the field since the medication was legalised. Clinical Director Georgie Lutz has five years experience in the medical cannabis industry and has expertise in launching and running successful alternative medical cannabis clinics. Dr Hermanus Bosman has been working in the field of alternative medicine since 2019 and also currently works in general practice. His work in the field and strong reputation has earned him a large patient following. The team is completed by Nicholas Robinson, Registered Nurse and Clinic Coordinator. Nick has been working in the alternative medicine space for the last two years and shares his team’s passion for helping patients on their medicinal cannabis journey. 

Georgie Lutz, Clinical Director at Lyphe Clinics said: “The industry has evolved rapidly over the last 3 years and we have been able to bring together an experienced team to serve patients across the whole spectrum of chronic illness in Australia. From the patient’s perspective, the most important factors we are targeting is affordability, accessibility and providing care in the comfort of their own home. We are a patient led clinic proud to provide holistic care. We are extremely excited to expand our services across the country in partnership with Lyphe Group UK.

We are big on personalised and friendly care as we want our patients to put a name to the face, which is especially important in a telehealth clinic. Our processes have been made to self-serve as much as possible, automating as much as we can in order to have more time to spend with our patients.”

Jonathan Nadler, CEO of Lyphe Group UK said: “As a company we are committed to improving accessibility to patients, so I am delighted to see our services expand to Australia. I’m pleased that Lyphe Clinic has ensured that prices are attainable with the highest level of care, making services available to as many patients as possible, many of whom are on pension or disability support.

I look forward to seeing the expansion of access to medical cannabis for those that benefit from it”

For more information contact: //  1800 296 988

To find out more about Lyphe Clinics, visit:

Consultation fees: ($AUD)

  • Initial Consultation $129
  • Follow up Consultation $69
  • Product Change + New Script(s) $49
  • Script Repeats only $39
  • Nursing Calls $0

Context on the Australian medical cannabis model: 

Any GP in Australia can prescribe medical cannabis. They must submit a separate approval through the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) along with the script. Once the doctor is well known to the TGA and has a history of approvals they can apply for ‘Authorised Prescriber’ (AP) status. This gives them blanket approval for 5 categories of products (based on THC/CBD content) and they just submit 1 report every 6 months containing a list of all their prescriptions and which category the approval falls under. Both doctors at Lyphe Clinic have AP status already. This allows us to send scripts instantly without needing to wait for the TGA to send us individual approvals for each patient and script.