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10 October 2019 / LYPHE GROUPBack to Newsroom

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

It doesn’t take an industry specialist to see the approach to western medicine is going through one of the most fundamental shifts in its delivery of well-being since the rise of synthetic pharmaceuticals.

Doctors globally are adapting to using cannabinoids as part of their daily patient pharmacological pathway.

A plant that divides belief, carries deep rooted stigma, and is held to the highest regard by millions of medical cannabis patients, sits at the centre of one of the largest social experiments of the modern era. Patient demand and the truth of therapeutic benefit across multiple conditions (along with the promise of a new tax revenue stream, employment, infrastructure build) has obliterated laws and redefined the future of the pharmaceutical industry, and medical care as we know it.

The trouble with such a profound change in one of the most regulated and compliance led sectors on the planet is that even those that lead and want change struggle to shift antiquated systems in a lean, agile fashion.

With a growing evidence base from some of the most advanced Hospital Universities, Pharmaceutical Schools and formidable scientific talent – stars of the industry, catapulted to the top of the tree – we now have belief beyond reasonable doubt of the therapeutic usefulness of medical cannabis.

For patients, however, it still isn’t enough for the seamless flow of cannabinoid care and medicine to reach them with ease, at an affordable price. Free care is the aim but very few markets are reactive enough to have arrived at the point of full subsidisation – we hold out hope.

LYPHE GROUP launches this week with a portfolio of companies that all work harmoniously to meet our bold strategy and vision for the business, to provide a closed loop ecosystem for the reliable and seamless supply of medical cannabis care and medicine.

We aspire to give all applicable patients a medical solution based on cannabinoid science. This means building a company that allows for the crude abnormalities of a nascent industry, differing regulatory landscapes from country to country, and working with a medicine that has so much still to be found out about.

In our pursuit, our founding portfolio of assets are: