1 August 2021
By Laura Sawyer

LYPHE Group’s group managing director Jonathan Nadler discusses European expansion with BusinessCANN

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LYPHE Group are looking at replicating their business model in Europe as The Medical Cannabis Clinics becomes the UK’s first medical cannabis clinic to be awarded a ‘Good’ rating by the independent Care Quality Commission. In a recent interview with BusinessCANN, Managing Director Jonathan Nadler shared some more information on the company’s future with medical cannabis.

With clinics already operating across Jersey and the Channel Islands, Nadler shared the future plans for LYPHE Group and exploring the European market:

“We are looking at taking our UK blueprint into Europe. Obviously, there are different regulations in different markets, so you have to adjust and adhere to whatever those compliance markers are, but essentially it will be the same model: clinical services, digital dispensing and educating doctors up front.”

Nadler also shared the company’s prediction that the NHS will soon start to execute trials through working with companies such as LYPHE Group, however this came with a caution:

“We don’t believe for one second that they are going to open medical cannabis up to the NHS fully because, quite frankly, if you open it up to some of the major conditions it is being used for within our private clinics, such as pain and certain psychiatric disorders, you are going to be potentially unlocking it to more than 50% of the UK, and the cost would be prohibitive.

I can’t see a time when the NHS will allow GPs to prescribe medical cannabis for patients in pain, unfortunately, although I know that’s what lots of people want. I think what we will have is a quasi-kind of private-NHS medical cannabis system with smaller groups of patients with certain conditions serviced with medical cannabis, and other larger groups where it is either insurance backed or paid for by the patient.”

The interview also revealed the release of a new NOIDECS product, with the aim to move the market away from using flower:

“We have a NOIDECS distillate vape cartridge coming to market in a couple of weeks. It is essentially a metred dose cartridge of oil which is fitted into a medical device that gets rid of the hassle of taking a flower and having to process it in a grinder before consuming it.

“We believe it will have a major impact on the market, which is very dominated by flower.

We want the market to become more medical. We want there to be more options like those we know from the last 60 years of pharmaceuticals.”

To read the full interview with BusinessCANN, you can see the full article on their website here.