16 June 2021
By Jonathan Nadler

LYPHE GROUP partners with Drug Science to provide its NOIDECS medical cannabis range to Project Twenty21 patients

Lyphe Group, NOIDECS

London, Dec. 7, 2020 

LYPHE GROUP (”LYPHE”), the UK’s medical cannabis leader by patient numbers, has partnered with Drug Science to provide its NOIDECS range of products on Europe’s largest patient-outcome registry, Project Twenty21.

The partnership between Twenty21 and LYPHE will see an abundance of EU-GMP and equivalent GMP medicines enter the UK market for the first time, under the brand name NOIDECS. The formulary of flowers and oils have been carefully curated from prescribing intelligence obtained from LYPHE’s clinics subsidiary, The Medical Cannabis Clinics. 

Twenty21 is seen as one of the most respected research programmes into cannabinoid medicine in Europe.  It is designed to deliver real change in the acceptance of cannabis among the medical fraternity, while increasing patient access across the UK. It is collecting a substantial evidence base on the efficacy and safety profile of medical cannabis across a range of conditions, which, when successful, will open the door for the NHS. 

LYPHE is a specialist in medical cannabis patient access with an operational ecosystem across clinics, dispensing, distribution and education. The company presently treats more than 50% of all UK cannabis patients and the NOIDECS range becomes its first entrance into the pharmaceutical ‘Specials Medicines’ space. 

Speaking about the new venture and partnership with Twenty21, Dean Friday, CEO of LYPHE said: 

“The supply of medical cannabis into the UK and most of Europe has been met with significant challenges. The supply chain has been slow and unreliable which can cause stress, anxiety and significant risk to the health of patients. By delivering a British range, NOIDECS can bring comfort to these patients, and indeed doctors nationwide, that there is now a reliable supply of these life-changing medicines. Twenty21 is the ideal launch pad for us to deliver safe and affordable patient access now, and expand access to more British patients into the future.”

David Badcock, CEO of Drug Science said of the partnership:

“We are ecstatic to have LYPHE Group come onboard with us at such a critical time for patients. Patients have grown restless of the delays this industry has experienced and deserve access to safe and efficacious medical products. We are putting this right, and by adding the NOIDECS British-designed medical cannabis range to our existing formulary, it is absolutely the catalyst to this change.”

The news of the partnership between Twenty21 and LYPHE breaks at a watershed moment in the normalising of medical cannabis into mainstream health, coming on the back of the United Nations approving a WHO recommendation to reschedule cannabis and therefore acknowledging its medical utility.

To assist with the growing number of patients looking to partake in Twenty21, The Medical Cannabis Clinics has significantly increased its doctor capacity as well as reducing the consultation fees for the month of December. 

 Patients and doctors can sign up to Twenty21 by visiting the website: https://www.drugscience.org.uk/clinic-directory/, and visit the medical cannabis clinics via https://www.themedicalcannabisclinics.com 




LYPHE has built a patient-access ecosystem across the UK (and launching into Europe in 2021) that provides clinics, dispensing, import infrastructure and vital educational services to patients, doctors and the sector. Each operating company shares a central goal to pioneer patient access to safe and effective treatments while normalising cannabis into mainstream healthcare. 

 LYPHE is comprised of the following industry leading organisations:

 Dispensary Green www.dispensarygreen.com

 The Medical Cannabis Clinicswww.themedicalcannabisclinics.com

The Academy of Medical Cannabiswww.taomc.org

Astral Healthwww.astral.health


About Drug Science:

Drug Science is the leading independent scientific body on drugs in the UK. It works to provide clear, evidence-based information without political or commercial interference.

Project Twenty21 is a registry run by Drug Science, and is aiming to monitor the health outcomes of 20,000 patients using cannabis based medicinal products (CBMPs), creating the largest body of evidence in Europe for the safety and efficacy of CBMPs. Drug Science hope that the findings of Project Twenty21 will provide evidence for NHS funding where the benefits of treatment with medicinal cannabis is proven to outweigh the potential risks.