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Our story

We have created the foundations of our own local market in the UK and now we are taking the same ecosystem to the world. Our team and our story make us who we are, and we are proud and humbled to be on this journey together.

Jan 2021

Dispensary Green passes milestone of 20,000 units dispensed

Dec 2021

LYPHE become product provider into Europe’s largest RWD registry, Project Twenty21

Dec 2020

TMCC passes 1,500 unique patients

Nov 2020

NOIDECS medical cannabis range launches into market

Sep 2020

TMCC completes first 1,000 medical cannabis consultations

Aug 2020

Dispensary Green passes milestone of 5,000 units dispensed

May 2020

Close Series A round

Mar 2020

Full telemedicine activation for all The Medical Cannabis Clinics patients

Feb 2020

Astral Health coordinates Israel's first export into the UK

Jan 2020

Open 7 clinic locations across the UK

Dec 2019

CQC granted license for The Medical Cannabis Clinics to open

Oct 2019

Reporters join us on our trip to pick up medication in Holland in a world first

Oct 2019

Demerged from incubator ECH, established LYPHE GROUP

Jun 2018

Incubation and proof of concept across all business units