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16 December 2019 / LYPHE GROUPBack to Newsroom

A year in the LYPHE GROUP

2019 has been an extraordinary year of movements in the medical cannabis market. We’ve seen numerous countries across the globe adapting to the continuing emergence of life-changing medical cannabis therapies, which in the context of decades of prohibition is a remarkable evolution. 

It has also been a year of significant challenges. The explosion of the cannabis market in many ways has outpaced the preparedness of policymakers and regulators, as well as the infrastructural requirements behind supporting functional medical cannabis systems. 

As the broader cannabis market experiences a retraction due to an oversaturation of cultivators driving down the wholesale price of cannabis products, it’s clear there are still difficult obstacles to overcome in achieving a sustainable industry. 

The UK sadly remains behind the pace of more progressive countries. While the change of legislation in November 2018 created tremendous excitement as to the possibilities of delivering training, establishing clinics and helping patients secure effective treatments, growth has been stifled. 

Despite our successes, which include providing education to doctors and helping to fulfill patient prescriptions, under the regulatory conservatism of NICE and a generally tentative expectation among politicians to wait for the clinical profession to provide impetus, not enough has been done. 

We know more can be done. LYPHE GROUP has been working across markets to help develop medical cannabis systems, and we’ve made great steps in countries like Germany and New Zealand, where we’re delivering medical cannabis training to clinicians who can operate under appropriately considered and deployed sets of principles and structures. 

Domestically, we will continue to work hand-in-hand with patient groups to advocate for and deliver the next phase of effective changes that the UK needs to establish a rational framework. 

What is unchanged through this period is the fact that medical cannabis is a vital and effective medicine for an array of conditions, and we’re only going to discover more potential as further research is conducted. The obligation to better understand this substance with the objective of helping patients is stronger than ever.