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Access and care.

LYPHE is UK's most popular cannabis clinical telehealth and dispensing ecosystem.

We own the medical cannabis supply chain vertically from digital clinical care, manufacturing medical cannabis, to pharmacy home delivery direct-to-patients.

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Our pursuit is for patient access to be mainstream and global.


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About medical cannabis.


What is medical cannabis and how does it work?

Cannabis has been used by humans as a medicine for thousands of years, but in the last few decades research has enabled a deeper understanding of its applications. As prohibitions have steadily fallen away in line with further exploration and the discovery of safe and effective treatment pathways, we’ve been able to establish the UK’s first comprehensive ecosystem for medical cannabis care and distribution.

Is it legal in the UK?

United Kingdom law currently states that cannabis medicines can be prescribed for patients under the correct circumstances. This has been the case since November 2018, when publicity around the lack of access to effective cannabis medicines for epilpetic children forced a change in policy.


What is the process?

GPs cannot currently simply prescribe for any patient, for any condition. Treatment with cannabis medicines must be initiated by a specialist consultant on the GMC registry and may be continued under shared care by a GP or non-medical prescriber. For children and young people under the care of paediatric services, the initiating prescriber should also be a tertiary paediatric specialist.

After the initial prescription, subsequent prescriptions of cannabis-based medicinal products may be issued by another prescriber as part of a shared care agreement under the direction of the initiating specialist prescriber, if:

  • The person’s clinical condition is stable
  • Shared care is appropriate and in the person’s best interest
  • The other prescriber is confident to make a fully informed prescribing decision about cannabis-based medicinal products.

Our platforms.


Cannabis Prescription Dispensing

Order, track and manage your medical prescriptions.


Dispensary Green is the UK’s first digital prescription management tool for medical cannabis patients. Doctors, patients and carers can process prescriptions on the platform, and then monitor the medicine all the way to the patient's door.


  • Call back service for offline payment
  • Original prescription delivered to pharmacy before dispatch
  • FP10 signed by GMC Specialist
  • Doctor GMC check
  • Clinic CQC check
  • Security checks on patient – biometric facial recognition
  • Secure delivery

Telehealth Cannabis Care

Clinical services carried out via video consultations.


The Medical Cannabis Clinics are the UK front runners in cannabis telehealth, operating a national network of highly qualified doctors with leading expertise in consulting and prescribing for medical cannabis patients. With points of access across England and the Channel Islands, we’re ready to help our patients across the range of supported conditions for which medical cannabis is a well-tolerated and effective treatment.


  • Fully regulated and CQC approved clinics network
  • A simple and accessible consultation process
  • Highly qualified clinicians able to support a range of treatments
  • Prescription of safe, legal and medically designed CBMPs
  • Comprehensive monitoring and support throughout treatment

Educating Cannabis Doctors

Advanced medical cannabis training online.


The Academy of Medical Cannabis is designed to provide a leading point of access to clinical education and patient information around medical cannabis, online. Formed in response to the change in legislation in 2018 to allow for medical cannabis prescribing in the UK, TAOMC seeks to address a broad shortfall in clinical proficiency with this emerging area of medicine, in addition to helping the public at large gain an accurate understanding of the benefits and risks of medical cannabis use.


  • Open source access for both clinical learning and patient information
  • Gamified learning, bite size and manageable
  • Clinical learning is CPD approved
  • Supported entirely by high quality clinical research
  • Features an evidence base database of high quality studies
  • Regularly updated to account for the increasing volume of medical cannabis study

Proud to stock the best medical cannabis brands in the world.

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